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Free Waste Vegetable Oil Pickup Service

So Cal Grease is dedicated to creating a more just and sustainable community. Unlike our competitors, we are a local company in Los Angeles, helping to build a cleaner and better society for you. Reduce your carbon footprint by converting waste cooking oil to fuel.

If you are a restaurant owner in Los Angeles county, we will pick up the waste vegetable oil from your frier and recycle it. We have quick response time which allows us to stand out from the competition who often make you wait for pick-up. We are licensed and insured in Los Angeles and offer a variety of grease trap cleaning services.

Recycle your waste vegetable oil and help us turn it into biofuel. Better the environment and better your company. Call us today to get rid of your waste oil!


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    French Fries Frying Oil
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  • Diesel Fuel for Eighteen
    Diesel Fuel for Eighteen Wheelers